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J.rocwell biography

"The one-man band show. Although it may sound like a pitch for a 1930’s circus act, the phrase truly sums up J.Rocwell. When you try to describe something that is beyond words, you are faced with a daunting task – like describing the “magical.” Unlike other up and coming rappers and producers that fit into small groups and categories, J.Rocwell destroys the imaginary boundaries of what is commercial, what is underground, and what is the difference between R&B and Hip-Hop. J.Roc’s musical influences range from Prince and Wham, to Slick Rick and Biggie. His retro 80’s sound over modern day drums represents what was once, and what’s here to come. By incorporating live catchy synth riffs, with snappy punch drums, and smooth round bass lines put together with J.Roc's vocals equals ground-breaking music. He isn’t your average producer, having studied many instruments, including piano, guitar, bass, alto sax, vibes, drums and marimba. J.Roc only being 17, with this knowledge and drive, he is destined for fame and legendary status."

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