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J.R. Writer is a hip hop artist from Harlem. He is part of The Diplomats conglomerate. Writer has released many mixtapes such as Writers Block Parts 1 to 5. He has tracks on Diplomatic Immunity 2 and More Than Music Volume 1. J.R. Writer was introduced to a couple of the Dipset members by Jae Millz. Before this, J.R. Writer was out battling anyone who wanted to freestyle. He was soon told about Jae Millz and his talent for freestyling. Writer anxious to battle him soon called up Jae Millz and asked him. It was late at night and he was willing to take a taxi cab just to get there. He was around the age of 16 and 17 during this time which showed his hunger to enter the rap game. J.R. Writer has been criticized due to his rap style, many claiming he does not "fit" for anything more than freestyle or mixtape artist and does not have a talent for songwriting/making. Although he has not appeared on television or in the media, he has released his debut album 'History In The Making' in 2006. The Harlem native, JR Writer’s, one-on-one demeanor is quite introverted, his on-camera and stage presence resemble nothing of the same. JR Writer’s flow quickly grabs the attention of any listener and his cleaver lyrics exude a sort of surprising confidence. He has made appearances on underground mixtapes with the Diplomats on songs like “Shake” with Cam’ron but this time around he gets an entire track to confirm his ill lyrical skills. His tracks on the Diplomats second LP Diplomatic Immunity 2 gives the spotlight to JR Writer as he secures his spot as a member of the Diplomats with the poise of a first-round draft pick. JR Writer brings a strong, silent-type, personality to the Diplomats, which leaves plenty of room for true lyrical maximizing.

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